NJ Silt Fencing Management

silt fencing managementRahn Contracting provides silt fencing installation and maintenance throughout South Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. The impact of moderating Soil Erosion is extremely important to our environment during new construction and renovation projects. The effectiveness of a silt fence can be limited, due to problems with poor installation, proper placement, and/or inadequate maintenance. Rahn will provide and install Silt Fencing at your project site with the understanding of proper installation and maintenance.

Our NJ Silt Fencing Management and Maintenance Services:

  • Fence posts spaced 8 feet center-to-center
  • Posts extend at least 2 feet into the ground
  • Posts extend at least 2 feet above ground
  • Minimum post diameter thickness of 1 ½ inches
  • Geotextile fabric buried at least 6 inches deep
  • Fabric extending at least 2 feet above the ground
  • Sediment is removed from the upstream face of the barrier when it has reached a depth of ½ the barrier height.
  • Repair or replace barrier (fabric, posts, bales etc.) when damaged
  • Barriers inspected regularly for signs of deterioration and sediment removal

Silt Fencing Management Services Photos