NJ Builder Support & Site Services

Based in South Jersey, Rahn Contracting offers builder support and site services work for developers and general contractors in the areas of: excavation, grading, utility work, silt fencing, punch list completion and bond release work on commercial, residential and municipal projects throughout South Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Site Services
With aging infrastructure becoming an issue across the region, Rahn has the equipment and expertise to provide routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Silt Fencing
The impact of moderating Soil Erosion is extremely important to our environment during new construction and renovation projects. The effectiveness of a silt fence can be limited, due to problems with poor installation, proper placement, and/or inadequate maintenance. Rahn will provide and install Silt Fencing at your project site with the understanding of proper installation and maintenance.

Punchlist & Bond Release
Rahn Contracting provides construction exterior punch list and municipal bond release services throughout South Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Getting your bond released should not be stressful or time consuming. Rahn can accommodate most exterior punchlist projects.

Retention Basins
Bio-retention and Detention Basins are critical to our environment. Rahn can install and maintain, or repair these basins to ensure proper drainage while upholding an aesthetic appearance.

Excavation, Grading & Utilities
Rahn owns and maintains most of heavy equipment used on-site. Our team is trained to mobilize quickly and complete utility tie-ins with minimal disturbance. In an emergency sewer or water situation, Rahn Companies are the only repair call you need to make – we handle it all!